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Hello, and welcome to my Atari Links Page.

Here you can find links to some other Atari pages on the Web, including a section of Atari Mailing Lists. Also nearer the end are some other sites that I find interesting, including a section of Online Newspapers (The Media & Broadcasting).

If you find any links that are broken, or you have links that you think ought to be in here, then please email me!

Note that those Links with Updated! against them, this means that the URL address of the site has changed recently.

Index of Categories

Atari Internet Resources & News

If available, each link goes to English pages, for example in the case of place2be (now sadly offline), the link goes to the English page, even though there are German and Polish pages too.

Also note that each link is to the full address (where known), but I've included the Atari.Org redirection address in a smaller type, so if you suspect that the page hasn't been updated because it has been moved then try the Atari.Org link which should take you to the correct page (though let me know the correct address!).

However Atari.Org has had problems in the past with the reliability of its server, which makes it better to keep the full address available.

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  • Atari Today!  Hot!
    Brand new and excellent Atari News site from Matthew Bacon (of My Atari.Net fame). This site gathers together the news headlines from several sites, including Atari.Org, Atari.Users.Net, and others including some German and Polish sites. Also it's Links page is getting quite comprehensive now.

  • Atari.Org main website  Hot!
    The original and one of the best Atari News sites. Also offering forums amd webservices.

  • Also from Atari.Org, THE Atari Search Engine - Pathfinder!  Cool!

    Pathfinder from Atari.Org


    Search over 900 Atari links on Atari.Org

  • If you don't know what to search for, why not jump to a random site?

    Random Link

  • The Atari WebRing  Cool!
    The Atari WebRing Imagemap

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    Index Join the Atari Webring

  • MyAtari.Net  Hot!

    Current MyAtari Cover!
    The MyAtari Online Magazine.

  • Atari Users Network  Hot!
    Another good site, similar to Atari.Org. Atari news often appears first on here, thanks to Dan Ackerman (Baldrick).

  • MagiC Online  Hot!

    A good page for news and utilities for the MagiC multitasking software. Hasn't been updated for some time, but is due for relaunching later this summer.

  • The Atari Hyperlink Launchpad
    San Francisco, USA. - (launchpad.atari.org)
    Trondheim, Norway.
    Wellington, New Zealand.
    Good site with lots of Atari links. This site is mirrored at three locations around the world. Choose the site closest to you for the best speed. Hasn't been updated for some time.

  • The Atari Quick FAQ - (quickfaq.atari.org)  Cool!
    This is the Atari Quick FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Use this site if you have a question about Atari 16/32bit computers. Especially good for beginners!

  • The Ultimate T.O.S Software Index - (utsi.atari.org)  Cool!
    Lots of Atari programs to download, over 1000 available!

  • TransAction
    The TransAction translation crew who specialise in translating software from other languages so that the rest of the world can use them!

  • Atari Central

  • CyberSTrider
    Was originally a shareware registration service, now it's become an Internet hosting and domains company.

  • place2be  Cool!
    An excellent Atari news site, get the latest news from the German Atari scene. Currently offline, sadly.

  • Retro Review
    This is the website of Retro Review which caters for a lot of old consoles and computers, including Atari machines.

Atari People's Homepages

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  • The Monkey House
    Gordon "Monkey Man" Storey's site. Gordon was the founder of the Stevenage and Hertfordshire Atari Group (SHAG), now closed. The site doesn't now have much/any Atari content.

Atari Software: Applications & Utilities

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  • UNIVERSUM homepage
    Astronomy program.

  • GZip
    GZip packer/depacker.

  • 2B Home
    Site for the authors of NVDI.

  • Tim's Atari Midi World  Hot!
    Run by Tim Conrardy, if you are into MIDI music programs, then this site is a must. It contains many former commercial music programs, now released as freeware or shareware.

  • Frank's Atari ST Pages  New!
    Frank Schoonjans' pages. He is the author of the excellent freeware 3D-Calc spreadsheet and also Tracked! which is a set of disk and file utilities.

Atari Software: Demo Scene

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Atari Software: Games & Emulation

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  • GEM Candy  Hot!  Updated!
    Dan Ackerman's new site, GEM Candy. Lots of games and fun stuff to download.

  • Matt's Atari Shack
    Lots of downloads and links to websites.

  • Patrice Mandin  Hot!
    Patrice Mandin's site, author of ports of Doom, Hexen and similar id Software games to the Atari.

  • Rhea-Fx  Cool!
    Authors of Cyberdrome, an excellent multi-player arcade game. Originally commercial software, in 1998 was improved and updated. A shareware v1.2 of the game has come out.

  • The Little Green Desktop  Hot!
    A great site to download games for use on ST emulators.

  • Bredroll - (bredroll.atari.org)  Updated!
    Good site, offering lots of games downloads (and others)!

  • The Steem Engine - (steem.atari.org)  Hot!  Updated!
    The Steem Engine
    This site contains what I consider to be the best Atari ST emulator on the PC, it comes recommended!

  • Pangaelin Willow's TOS Page  Hot!  New!
    This is a place to get rom images for use with Atari emulators on other machines. This is a different site I found to replace the one on here before. They have many international roms for Atari 8-bit machines, through ST, Falcon and TT, to more unusual ones, eg SuperTOS (not sure what this is!), or TOS v4.92!

    Note: unless you actually own an original Atari you would be breaking copyright downloading an image.

Atari Software: Internet

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Atari Organisations & User Groups

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  • FaST Club
    Editors of Atari Applications, the last Atari printed magazine still surviving in the UK. (note: there hasn't been an issue for some time, and there is a debate currently about whether it's alive or dead).

  • The Cheshunt Computer Club for Atari owners & DDP Translations - (ccc.atari.org)  Cool!

    I'm the Chairman of the last Atari supporting UK User Group! This is also the page of DDP (Derryck Croker, Dennis Vermiere, and Peter West), a translations crew.

  • Cortex Design Website
    Cortex Design's homepages, a UK company which still does Atari hardware projects.

Atari Mailing Lists  Cool!

These are lists which get sent to your email box, after you've subscribed to them with the links here. Bear in mind though that you'll only get the best out of them if you actually post messages to them! ;-))

Most of the lists here are from the Yahoo! Groups website, which has lists for virtually all subjects (not just Atari). Highly recommended!

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  • AtariNews: On the Prowl
    List for news for the Lynx and Jaguar games systems.

  • Atari Users
    Mailing and discussion list for all Atari Users.

  • Atari-ST
    Mailing and discussion list for Atari ST/TT/Falcon users.

  • MagiC OS
    Mailing and discussion list for users of the MagiC operating system, including MagiCPC and MagiCMac.

  • Atari ICQ
    Mailing and discussion list for users of the Atari mICQ and aICQ programs.

  • Blaggers NeST
    List aimed at former users of the NeST, an Atari bulletin board network (popular before the Internet became common).

  • Atari TransAction
    Mailing and discussion list for members of the TransAction Atari translation crew.

  • Cheshunt Computer Club
    My own mailing list for members and prospective members of the Cheshunt Computer Club. The CCC is based in Cheshunt, Herts, UK, and the List is only for those who live near there and who want to join the Club.

  • Atari Demo Scene
    The newly resurrected Atari Scene mailing list, for anyone with the remotest interest in Demos!

Classic Gaming

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  • Deuteros - The Next Millennium
    An excellent page dedicated to Deuteros, a great space strategy game that was the followup to the classic ST hit, Millennium 2.2.

  • Magnetic Scrolls games
    A site dedicated to one of the legends of the early days of Atari ST games, Magnetic Scrolls, who made adventure games such as The Pawn and The Guild of Thieves.

The Media & Broadcasting

Apologies to my international visitors, this is currently UK only news sites, but I do live in the UK! :-) However in the case of the BBC, their reputation is reknowned throughout the world for impartiality and quality, and I hope that you'll like their service.

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  • Savage Seas
    Nice site based on a TV documentary of the same name.

  • The Sky At Night  Updated!
    BBC site supporting the longest running TV show in the world (with the same presenter), Sir Patrick Moore's The Sky At Night.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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  • TheForce.net  Cool!
    Star Wars News site, get the gossip on the new Star Wars films!

  • Star Wars.com
    Another Star Wars site, this time the official site that contains information about the forthcoming Episodes II and III.

  • Lord of the Rings.net  Cool!
    This is the official site for the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films, the first of which, The Fellowship of the Ring, is due out in December 2001, with the others following in 2002, and 2003.


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