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Welcome to JFHaslam.Atari.Org! :)

Hello, and welcome to my Atari Pages. Here you can find more details of my Computer and my Computing History.

Also you can find links to lots of other Atari pages on the Web, and my collection of Atari software, including some classic demos for the Falcon which are difficult to find elsewhere.

Note: These pages are optimised for viewing with the Atari browser CAB. Symbolic Links (in the sections below) do not work properly with Internet Explorer, but there is nothing I can do about this. SORRY!

What's new in the Atari Pages?

14/3/2004 Have updated the Steem Engine link in the Emulation section of the Links Page, as the site has moved. Added a cool spinning logo to the entry too. Links Page: Games & Emulation

Recent News

31/1/2004 The recently released v0.1.6 of Highwire has been put onto these pages, find it here.

Also recently released is v1.30 of AtarIRC. Find it here.

28/10/2003 I have finally got around to updating these pages. See the Site News section for more info (right).

I've uploaded v0.159 of AtarICQ which was released in August. Find it here.

I've also put on v1.28 of AtarIRC, which now works with iConnect/iFusion. And is now shareware. Find it here.

And also I have uploaded the newly released v0.1.5 of Highwire, which finally has the ability to display JPEG and PNG graphics, to go alongside GIF pictures. At last it has caught up with CAB v2.8! ;-) Find it here.

Site News

31/1/2004 Spotted that I hadn't transferred the Highwire files from v0.1.5, but this doesn't matter now as I've just updated the pages with v0.1.6. Sorry for any inconvenience!

I am also working on clearing dead links from the site, this is quite a big job, but I will let you know in this section when this is done.

4/1/2004 IMPORTANT NEWS! This website has moved from Zetnet to the server at Atari.Org. The jfhaslam.atari.org address is no longer a redirection URL, redirecting to the Zetnet address, but is now the actual URL. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!

I've also spotted and corrected a few cosmetic problems with wrong fonts and images, on this page, and other pages.

28/10/2003 Have not updated the site for some time now, have been really busy creating another website. I also have a PC that I rescued from being thrown away! :) I still have my Falcon, but there are so many sites that I can't access using it, that I need to use a PC! (spit!)

since 13/3/2001.

Please direct any comments to James Haslam at:

jfhaslam@zetnet.co.uk or ICQ 37135025 (my Nickname is JazHaz)

Copyright © James Haslam - This page last updated on: 14/3/2004

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