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My new flat!


If you know me at all, you'll know that up to now, I've lived at home with my Mum and Dad, and my brother Tom.

But in October 1999, I finally was getting a permanent wage, and decided at the age of 30 it was about time I had a place of my own.

It took about six months from arranging provisional acceptance for a mortgage to moving into my new flat. In January/February 2000, I thought I'd found a flat I wanted, in Ponders End, Enfield, but unfortunately, there were a few things about it that didn't feel right, so I had to pull out.

It took a few more weeks of searching, but I finally found the one I was to eventually buy. I saw it on a Saturday morning, two hours later I was back for a second viewing with Mum, and I put it an offer there and then! And it was only the next morning that my offer was accepted, sold in less than 24 hours! :-)

After about six weeks the exchange of contracts happened and about a week later I got the keys! At last, freedom!! ;-)) Myself and my family helped me for about four weeks, decorating, and I finally moved in at the beginning of May.

It's only a small studio flat (ie no bedroom, my bed is in the main room), but unlike most studios, the kitchen is huge! It's even bigger than the kitchen at my Mum and Dad's house, fully fitted too. That was the main reason I chose this place.

So for those who know me, here is my new phone number:

Phone: 01992 715700 (answerphone)

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